The missing jewel.


Neumann MT 48
Because even with the best possible gear …
You are losing potential in your signal chain.

Complicated settings


Limited dynamic range

DA conversion losses

AD conversion losses

Mediocre mic preamp

Insufficient gain

Weak output for headphones

This is especially true for project studios and advanced home recording.

Providing the missing link.

No more losses

all the potential

The One

MT 48 with clear view of its display

The MT 48 is the reference audio interface that ensures best possible quality throughout the entire signal chain, from input to output.

The best for the best

MT 48's connection ports

The MT 48 is the only solution in its range that preserves the full potential of Neumann microphones, monitors, and headphones in one device.

Dynamic Range

AD conversion with four times the resolution of competing devices: 136 dB-A.


average symbol


78 dB gain: Get the most precious detail out of any mic, even ribbons.




0.035 ohms output drives any headphones to their best (exceeds external headphone amps).


Ease of use

The touch display gives access to all settings, no software needed.

DSP: Four internal mixers

With sophisticated EQ, ­dynamics processing, and ­reverb.

Full connectivity

The MT 48’s connectivity may be expanded via ADAT / S/PDIF and AES67; a MIDI interface is also integrated.

Record raw and processed audio streams simultaneously

Unique dual output: You can record processed and un­processed versions at the same time.

Analog to digital conversion: Class-leading

Greater dynamic range than even the best microphones. Leave headroom without ­signal loss.

Swiss flagpicture of an MT 48 in from the side

The MT 48 would not be possible without the expertise and passion of our partners, friends, and now colleagues at Merging Technologies from Switzerland.

Gets the best out of any microphone: Excellent sounding preamps with up to 78 dB gain

Easy handling via ­intuitive touch screen

Full range of DSP features for ­monitoring and/or recording

Can create dual feed with and without DSP effects

Expandable with Merging ­Technologies and third-party input and ­output devices (ADAT and AES67)

Perfect fit for Neumann AES67 studio monitor setups

Works as a bridge from USB to AES67

Best-in-class AD converter resolution with a dynamic range of 136 dB-A

2 premium quality mic/line preamps, 2 pristine line/­instrument inputs

4 line/monitor outputs

2 ultra-low impedance headphone outputs

The End

picture of an MT 48 in its carrying box

of compromises.

All the details